Increase Your Sales

With an easy to use interface, an easy integration process and great support, AISEARCH is produced specifically for e-commerce websites and is developed with advanced ML technologies. Our little helper will form a unique working principle according to the products and information you have on your e-commerce website.

Let Your Users Easily Reach the Product They Are Looking For

Product Suggestion In Search List

Recommends a related product alongside the searched product.

Up to date

It continues to develop itself constantly in the background.


Best price on the market with no installation fee! installation charge fees.

Easy Setup

Easy and fast to install. (Will be done by the time you take your coffee)

AI Powered

It learns instantaneously and constantly lists the most accurate result.

Easy Payment

You pay as you use it, there is no specific monthly payment. If your website has 100 queries – then you pay 100. If your website has 50,000 queries monthly… well, let’s celebrate together!

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can close your account without being charged for the first month.

Strong Infrastructure

Regardless of your site capacity, AISEARCH can serve all sites.

We see you, newbie

First 1000 queries are free, which means that if you are a new e-commerce entrepreneur, you can use it free, it is a tough road and we have your back!

Campaign Pricing

If you promise an annual request, you can benefit from our discounted packages.

Secure Service

If your instant request limit on your website is too high, our little buddy will automatically increase the current system requirements. So you will be able to provide services to your users without any interruption.

Semantic Support in 78 Languages

Users can quickly find products based on the context and relevance of their search queries in 78 languages with high accuracy.


With XML integration, we provide continuous, fast, easy and up-to-date integration without causing any confusion in your system, away from the background working environment of your site.

Language Options

AISEARCH can support different language queries within the same site.

Product Transfer

You can transfer your products to the system either via XML or one by one from the panel.

Extra System Performance

Search queries are very costly for e-commerce sites. With the technologies used within AISEARCH, you will reduce this cost and gain customers because your search queries will have high accuracy and satisfaction rates.

Advanced Filtering Feature

After your products are transferred, the product filtration on your e-commerce site will automatically work in detail without any additional work, providing your users a unique user experience.

Professional XML Editing

With the ability to edit your XML output through the panel, you can easily edit your search queries and improve search performance with zero coding.